Saturday, November 29, 2008


Okay, we decided to try and practice getting our family pictures done. We thought we better let the kids have practice first. I didn't think it would be as much work as it was. But when you have 3 kids with different agenda's. This is what we got!!! Some turned out ok, but others were a good laugh for us. We were just glad no-one fell in the water!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A funny!!!

Well I started back to school this fall. Brekell is always very concerned when I leave. So one day my husband told me to watch out for the Deer on the way home. You know small towns have to worry about those Deer on the road. So anyways Brekell, the smart little girl she is, wanted to tell me something before I left for school.

Brekell: Mom, Are you leaving for school.

Me: Yes Brekell, did you need something?

Brekell: We'll watch out for the deer,

Me: good idea, I will

Brekell: Oh and the Elephants!!!

Me: Wow, do we have a problem here with elephants now, I better watch out for them.....

So for all of you who live in Sanpete County, I hear the elephants are bad. So be very careful not to hit one.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

Dagen our future Hunter, of Coarse!!!
My very own Hannah Montana, And my little Princess Daxlyn(finally a girlie girl)...

(And yes, we did have the hair for Brekell, but she decided to was too itchy to wear and wasn't that fun to wear a wig:))

Well our day started off like normal. I gave the kids a bath and got them in their fun costumes. We were all ready to go for the day, when Brekell decided that she didn't feel good. I felt so bad because she was so excited to be Hannah Montana. So we spent the rest of the night dealing with the flu and with fever's. Dagen was still going to go trick-or-treating, but fell asleep at 6:00 for the rest of the night. So needless to say, we sort of skipped halloween this year. So we'll be ready for next year. I guess!!!!