Friday, January 14, 2011

The infamous Kitchen that took FOREVER to get together!! Cute, but Wow!!!


Well Santa definetely found us this year. Our kids loved all there stuff and were so excited. The big thing they all wanted was pillow pets. They all decided this 3 days before christmas. So we had to hurry and rush a letter to santa to tell him. We were ALL worried that he wouldn't find our house with them or run out before he got to us... But they got the pillows and all was well. (I will say santa's "helper" was very tired from helping assemble the toys. Daxlyn's Kitchen came in like 100 pieces to be assembled. It was very Amusing.)


She just had her 3 month appt.( Yeah I am behind from the move, I an slow getting to the doctors) She did so great until the shots, she was not gonna let me forget it either. She was screaming so loud and then scratched her face, which made her scream even louder if possible.
But now we are all doing much better.
Her stats are
Height 24 3/4 (90%)
Weight 12lbs 12 oz. (50%)
She is such a good baby, but definetely getting very spoiled. Whenever we put her down she starts to growl and then proceeds to cry. As soon as you pick her up she is just fine. She has got things figured out for sure. But we are loving her so much.

Brekell Birthday!

I can't believe Brekell is seven. She had such a great day. She began the day opening all her presents. Then she went to school and while she was there we got ready for a little b-day Party. We had cake and Ice cream with the cousins and Grammie and Papa. (This is the only picture I got with my Camera. I will have to get the rest from my mom.) Now all she can talk about is getting baptised next year. I can't believe she is getting so old.