Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In need of an update!!

I know I have been major slacking. But, I do have good reasons. Since I have taken over the Volleyball team my life has been crazy. We have had camps and open gym since the first of June. So there is my good Excuse... No I really have been busy with Volleyball, Summer school for the kids, and still being a Mom inbetween these things.
We also had a good-bye party for my brother who left for the Air Force Academy. It has not been a great experience for me so far, because I hate the fact that he is gone. But I'm sure when you check any of my family's blog you will see Wyatt posted all over it. He definetely is a missed and loved by us all.
Well not too much to post about. Brekell is in Cheer Camp so I will try to post pictures at some point.