Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brekell Clogging Recital...

Brekell giving us a big Smile!

This year Brekell decided to try clogging. She had alot of fun and really enjoyed her dances. She is so cute 'cause she has them all memorized, and practiced all the time at home. We are loving the age of our kids right now. They are all so fun and love keeping active.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dagen Preschool Gradutaion

Dagen Shaking a leg...

Dagen had his preschool graduation this week. Those little kids all looked so cute performing their little dance. We can't wait for Daxlyn to start next year, she is so excited.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Party Time...

The kids playing on the car..

Me blowing out the candles, I love Daxlyn's Face in this picture.

The food.

Well I had my birthday yesterday. It was a great relaxing day. No school for me, no volleyball, and no pressing things that I had to get done. Dave was so nice and was throwing me a surprise party. I did find out about it by mistake, but the plans went on. It is nice to get with family and eat lots of food. Thanks Babes, you did an awesome job as usual....

Dagen Playdate!!!

Dagen and his friend!!!

Since Dagen is the only boy, we always have to find things to occupy him. So we decided to let him start having play days to get US all by. It is so different to have little boys playing. Only having one brother myself, I am not sure how to entertain them. So I prepared a full snack and lunch buffet for them to pick from. Only to find out that they just eat what they want and run and play while eating. It is still fun to see my little Dagen growing up...

Sunday, May 9, 2010


A tired Dax!!!

Well I know it has been alittle bit since an update. I have been finishing finals and so has Dave. So that is my big excuse. But since we are finally done we are hoping things are going to be more calm at our house. Not only has Dave been in school, but his job got moved up to Provo so he has been commuting everyday. It has added a lot more craziness to our mix. Then to add the cherry on top--- We found out in January that we are Expecting again. I am almost 19 weeks. I am Due Oct. 6th. It has gone by really fast so far. If you are wondering why we waited so long to tell-- after the last time and us losing the baby, we wanted to make sure everything was good before we got our hopes up. We are excited to add one more and definetely it will be our last. So there is our family Update for now. I hope to keep things more regularly on here.