Friday, March 5, 2010

I thought we were done!!!!

Well yesterday is when it began, the kids had been playing outside on the grass for 2 days in a row. They were having a blast, and then by the time we got Brekell yesterday from school it all began again. More Snow. Really.. I thought we were about done. Come one warmer weather we are ready for you...

Sleepy Friends!!!

Well we decided we would try a dog and see if we liked having another one. Our kids loved it, but we are still too busy in our lives right now to worry about one. So we will have to get another one (hopefully housetrained:)) when our kids get older and enjoy the responsibility more.


I had told the kids that we needed to clean out the toy box one day. This is what I walked into and found. It was good to see what toys they still liked to play with I guess....