Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dagen and Daxlyn's First day!

I love how Dagen is taking care of her. If even for only that morning:)

Yeah I am a little behind. But I do have good intentions and excuses. But now my 2 little ones have started Preschool.. I am not going to lie about it, I am loving it. The hardest part is getting all 3 of them ready by 7:45 for the bus to come. My girls are not morning people, and considering Brekell won't leave until her hair is exactly how she wants, it makes it harder. So we have had to make big adjustments in waking up earlier.

I really do miss my kids when they are gone. But I won't be lonely for much longer. I am scheduled for induction on Sept. 29th, if I don't go sooner. Which means I will be here til the 29th. then I will have my days and nights filled up very well. I am also in the middle of Volleyball as well. So that is pretty much my time for everyday. We will just add the baby to the mix of things.