Monday, December 6, 2010

Braylie Blessing Day!

Daddy and Braylie before the blessing
The kids

Her boots for her dress. Love them!!!

Braylie was blessed yesterday in our new ward. She looked so beautiful and Dave did a great job. She always seems to keep us on our toes. Right before the opening song, I heard a grunting sound. I looked down and she began to poop right in the middle of church. I thought I was going to die because she always blows out at the most inconvenient times. So luckily we made it through the blessing and then I took her from Dave and booked it out to change her. I feel bad that she got to stink everyone out. But I guess it was her special day, and everyone had to deal with it. lol

Daddy and Braylie time!!!

Braylie loves her Daddy to hold her like this. Usually I will find them both asleep in this position. We are loving our little girl so much.


We had a great Halloween. My girls decided to be fairy princess', and Dagen, of coarse, wanted to be Batman. They looked so cute. We weren't sure we were going to go trunk-or-treating because it was pouring rain. But 15 minutes before it started it totally stopped raining. So we loaded up the kids and headed to main street. It was a lot of fun. But way too cold for Braylie to dress up. So maybe next year for her...