Friday, February 25, 2011


Well we tried cereal for the first time last week. We had great success at it. She absolutely loved it. I am way out of practice of it though, that is why it is all over her face. I will gradually improve I am sure.

She is Growing!!!

My little Braylie is growing up so fast. She broke her first tooth on Feb 19th. (she was quite cranky) She is just over 4 months right now, we are loving her. She is definitely spoiled by all around her. She loves to be held and be entertained at all times. She is our smilie little gal, She makes me smile just looking at her.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little girl and her "Whippers"!

Well I know that the title doesn't make sense. But our little Daxlyn is quite the character. She can't say her "S, L, R, F's" very well so when she says things she gets very creative. Well these little pink things on her feet have become her favorite's. She calls them her "Whippers" instead of Slippers. Yes I get quite the laugh out of her. She is so funny. So whenever we go places she pulls out her "whippers" and we are on our way.