Friday, November 25, 2011

My CRAZY Gal!!!

So Braylie is quite the character. If you aren't quick with her, she gets the best of everything. In this picture one of the kids left their chair out and she is soooo quick to jump on board and have herself a snack... Love this little Gal so much!!!!

Pumpkin Carving

Braylie does not love the Camera!

Dad showing them how it's done.

Daxie waiting for assistance (aka...she just wants Dad to do hers:)

Dagen getting grossed out. haha

So we had a lot of fun carving the pumpkins this year. The kids were still unsure about cleaning them out, but they shortly got the hang of it and weren't grossed out anymore. I am loving the ages of my kids right now. They all are so fun and just enjoy things. I can't wait for Braylie to get slightly older so she can enjoy the fun times too. During the whole pumpkin carving Braylie watched from her chair and just gave us dirty looks. (f you know my baby,you know dirty looks are given a lot:)

Behind; Halloween

Daxlyn found the "perfect" pumpkin!
Dave and the kiddos...

Fun activities...

Brekell and her find!

Yes, I know I am behind. Between all the craziness this last month, I am trying to keep somewhat updated, hopefully:) So Halloween was a lot of fun this year. We went to the pumpkin patch and got our pumpkins this year. It was so much fun to take a hay ride to get them. The kids absolutely loved it. I would totally suggest it to anyone with little kids, they will have a blast. Anyway, the kids loved picking out their pumpkins and playing in the maze. I am such a terrible mom and the day of Halloween I didn't get any pics of the kids. I know mother of the year right? But in my defense I was about through with the holiday in the middle of October. It was that kind of month:)