Monday, December 6, 2010

Braylie Blessing Day!

Daddy and Braylie before the blessing
The kids

Her boots for her dress. Love them!!!

Braylie was blessed yesterday in our new ward. She looked so beautiful and Dave did a great job. She always seems to keep us on our toes. Right before the opening song, I heard a grunting sound. I looked down and she began to poop right in the middle of church. I thought I was going to die because she always blows out at the most inconvenient times. So luckily we made it through the blessing and then I took her from Dave and booked it out to change her. I feel bad that she got to stink everyone out. But I guess it was her special day, and everyone had to deal with it. lol

Daddy and Braylie time!!!

Braylie loves her Daddy to hold her like this. Usually I will find them both asleep in this position. We are loving our little girl so much.


We had a great Halloween. My girls decided to be fairy princess', and Dagen, of coarse, wanted to be Batman. They looked so cute. We weren't sure we were going to go trunk-or-treating because it was pouring rain. But 15 minutes before it started it totally stopped raining. So we loaded up the kids and headed to main street. It was a lot of fun. But way too cold for Braylie to dress up. So maybe next year for her...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleeping Diva!

Daxlyn is so into being such a big girl. She had got these glasses at school for doing all her homework. She came home and put them right on. Next thing we knew she was fast asleep on the couch. At first we thought she was watching tv with them on, but then we lifted them up and saw she was fast asleep. Love this little Diva!

More pics!!!

Brekell absolutely loves her new sister. She hardly will leave her alone. We usually have to give the baby a "time-out" so that no one gets to hold her. It is so funny how much they like her.

On a funny note: Dagen hasn't really cared for his new sister or has been embarrassed to show his feelings. Several people have said they could "just eat her up". so the next day when Dagen woke up, he told me " I could just eat her for Breakfast" I know that sounds like he doesn't like her, but he was trying hard to show that he did like her. It was hard not to laugh at how cute it was. Now he has warmed up to her a lot more.

2-week Stats

Height 21 3/4 in. (90%)

Weight 8lbs 6oz (50%)

She did grow longer, but not much in her weight. I can't believe how tiny she seems to us. We are so in love with her. She has been the best baby so far. She hardly ever cries and is a great baby at night. I couldn't ask for more.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Braylie Anna Gammell. She joined our family on October 4th, at 9:46 p.m. She came in weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. & 20 in. long. The whole family is in love with her, and we are so happy to have her here. She is such a good baby already.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dagen and Daxlyn's First day!

I love how Dagen is taking care of her. If even for only that morning:)

Yeah I am a little behind. But I do have good intentions and excuses. But now my 2 little ones have started Preschool.. I am not going to lie about it, I am loving it. The hardest part is getting all 3 of them ready by 7:45 for the bus to come. My girls are not morning people, and considering Brekell won't leave until her hair is exactly how she wants, it makes it harder. So we have had to make big adjustments in waking up earlier.

I really do miss my kids when they are gone. But I won't be lonely for much longer. I am scheduled for induction on Sept. 29th, if I don't go sooner. Which means I will be here til the 29th. then I will have my days and nights filled up very well. I am also in the middle of Volleyball as well. So that is pretty much my time for everyday. We will just add the baby to the mix of things.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brekell's First Day of School!!!

All ready to go!

Outside her classroom.
At her desk!

I can't believe my little girl is in First Grade. She doesn't seem old enough. But she was definitely ready for it. She had her outfit picked out for the first day of school for a while now. I forget how fun it is to see them go to school, but sad for me. I missed her all day, not only me, but Dagen asked about her every 10 minutes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ice Cream, Ice Cream!!!

Well our big town of Manti got a Ice Cream truck. The kids heard the music and we ran and got money so we could get our treats... Now the kids can't wait for the truck to come everyday!!!

Interesting kids!!

Eating their lunch outside so they don't have to leave!!

Well our air conditioning had some problems last week. So we had a repair man come and fix it. Well the kids thought it was so fun that they pulled their chairs around and watched everything that he did. Talk about pressure for him.

Dagen B-day!!

Dagen turned 5 on July 28th. I can't believe he is getting so big and older. He wanted to have a water party and all kinds of water toys. We also a lot of Dave's family come for the party. Dagen had a lot of fun. He was disappointed the next day when he wanted it to be his Birthday again and we had to inform him not for another year.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All the Grandkids!!!

So we got pictures done before Wyatt left on his mission to Taiwan. We decided to do just the Grandkids with Grammie and Papa. WOW, what a task that was. Glad we don't have to do that every time we get together...

Summer Fun!

We are having fun this summer. We are loving playing outside, not loving how HOT it is though... But the kids love playing in the water so it is worth it.


Crazy Sleeper!!!

Daxlyn is our crazy sleeper. Most nights we find her upside down or off the bed. But I do have to say that she is so cute when she sleeps...

Monday, June 7, 2010


Daxlyn was having a hard day the other day and I told Brekell to be the best big sister and go take care of her. Well when I came back in this is what I saw. Brekell laying down with her and helping her to take a nap. What sweet girls we have, love every minute with them.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brekell Clogging Recital...

Brekell giving us a big Smile!

This year Brekell decided to try clogging. She had alot of fun and really enjoyed her dances. She is so cute 'cause she has them all memorized, and practiced all the time at home. We are loving the age of our kids right now. They are all so fun and love keeping active.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dagen Preschool Gradutaion

Dagen Shaking a leg...

Dagen had his preschool graduation this week. Those little kids all looked so cute performing their little dance. We can't wait for Daxlyn to start next year, she is so excited.