Monday, January 11, 2010

little late

Dax and her puzzle

Dagen and his presents

Well, I know I am late. but having the kids home, and then I went back to school has definetely distracted me. We had a great Christmas. The kids got way too much, but loved every minute of it. They were so excited. And I know if you look close they don't have on x-mas pj's. Well I had bought them and wrapped them, but the kids decided to put them all under the tree and I couldn't remember which was which. So next year I will do better.


Fun in the Snow!!!

All bundled up...
Lost her glasses:)

Snow Angels!

Happy kids...

Since we l have gotten so much snow, our kids have been living it up. But for me, I am ready for the sun to be out and for the cold to go away.. I can't handle it when it goes in the negatives.