Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun times!!!

Dagen and Daxlyn relaxing before the parade!

Brekell, Elle, and Adision during the parade...

We went to the onion days Parade in Payson this year. We had so much fun looking at all the floats and getting the candy. We had Elle and Adison playing with us which made it a lot of fun. After the parade it was so hot that we went and finished off the day at the splash pad. (sorry no pics) We are loving living closer to the city....

Daddy's little girl!

Braylie loves her daddy. When he gets home she is waiting for him to pick her up and play around. She loves it when he chases her around the kitchen and living room. She is laughing the whole time he is doing it. We love this little gal!!!

Mess Maker!!!!

Braylie has turned into quite the mess maker. When it is time for food she is all ready to eat. I swear I feed her ALL day long. She never stops eating, ever. But then comes the clean up. She is not a clean eater by any means. (What kid is right?) But oh man, if it is not all over her, the tray, and the floor, then she isn't satisfied. ( This week she dumped her bowl of ramen on Daxlyn's head, So funny haha) So I am spending the rest of my day cleaning up after this mess.